Does Eat Place – Greenville, MS

I had been told by a coworker a long time ago “If you’re ever near Greenville, MS you have to get a steak at Doe’s.” When Emilee and I took our trip to Greenville, and Cleveland, MS we decided to put it on our list of places we could eat dinner as a potential place to go. One thing we like to do when we travel is get the local opinion on where to eat, because obviously they know better than anyone. So we asked a few locals and they said that Doe’s was great, but if we want an experience we had to go to 5 O’clock on Deer Creek. He explained that if we went late enough we’d get to meet Bubba, the owner, and he’d pour you a shot of whiskey! But, if you go too late, Bubba may be drunk and either under or over cook your steak… Personally this sounded incredible to me as I wanted some adventurous, story telling food. I fought tooth and nail with Emilee that we needed to have this experience, however; Emilee’s persistance and pretty please smile led us to Doe’s and, to my opinion, away from an unforgettable experience.

I was more wrong than I had ever been. Doe’s Eat Place was a one of a kind experience we will never forget. The first thing said to us when we walked in, which is in the kitchen, was the waitress/hostess/cook told us “If you want a beer from the fridge while you wait, go ahead and pick you one out.” The following 30 minutes that we waited for our table we had 2 beers and talked to the locals waiting with us, all while no one working there cared we were grabbing beers from their fridge and hanging out in the kitchen talking to the grill master tending the steaks.

We felt like we were in someone’s home, with probably 75 other people, but someone’s home nonetheless. We met people from all over that area, and they all seemed to know each other in one form or another. We found out that if you come on a weekend, nine times out of ten you’ll see some celebrity or another. One very nice lady we talked to outside told us what “we had to order – a large salad to split, an order of the tamales, and a ribeye steak.” As soon as we reached our table, the waitress, who already saw the beers in our hands, skipped the drink question and continued to ask what we wanted to eat. We never received a menu from the waitress, and still to this day have any clue what else they serve besides what we ordered – a large salad to split, an order of the tamales, and a ribeye steak.

Once we ordered we took a look around in amazement of how casual, cramped, and cool this place was! As fate would have it we sat next to their James Beard Foundation Award. The table behind Emilee was celebrating a birthday and poured us shots of Jack Daniel’s just for being close. By the way, you can bring your own liquor, wine, beer, birthday cake, whatever floats your boat. The people sitting closest to me talked with us the whole time both our tables ate. Not only that, but when the weather turned south and we came under a tornado warning, they gave us their home address and phone number so we could ride out the storm if we wanted to with them. The dinner was such an awesome experience.
All that being said, the steak was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my entire life, and Emilee said it was THE best steak she had ever had. It was slightly pricey, we split the huge steak (really big enough for 3-4) the order of tamales, salads, and the 2 beers each, tip and all was $100 even. All in all, I would make a special trip around that restaurant if we needed a quick weekend trip. Maybe one time we’ll actually get to make it to 5 O’clock on Deer Creek, but for now, I love Doe’s Eat Place and I am so grateful for that once in a lifetime experience.



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