What it’s all about

The truck door closes next to me with a thud and I immediately start going through a mental checklist in my head. Security system on: Check; Light timers on: Check; Doors locked: Check; Trailer attached: Check; Are you sure it’s attached? Remember that time you connected everything but the lights and left those dangling? Yeah… I connected that this time, ok Check. I look in the rearview mirror but can’t see anything as our Weimaraner, Whiskey, is eager to go with his front paws on the center counsel. He notices me looking at him through the mirror and proceeds to lick the side of my face… Dog: Check. I look to my right to find my wife laughing at me when I ask her the same rhetorical question I ask her before every adventure: You ready? She has never said “No” to this question, and never even pauses, it’s always a simple “Always” with that beautiful smile I fell in love with years ago.

When my wife and I started dating we were living in different states. I was living in Baltimore, MD and she was living in Pinehurst, North Carolina. We had known each other since high school, but decided to try this thing for real this time. The issue was an eight hour drive to see each other. We devised a simple plan. Every other weekend we would see each other, but we would rotate. The first weekend she came to see me, the next weekend we would meet in the middle for some type of an adventure, then the following weekend I would go see her. The first adventure we went on was a skiing trip in West Virginia, but the adventures quickly became trips to places like Belize. The back and forth with adventure mixed in the middle started out as practicality, but ended with the yearning for adventure. Now my wife and I are either on an adventure, or planning our next adventure while we work our normal jobs.

The thing we love about taking adventures is freedom. We have a rough itinerary but always stray from it. We love impromptu side trips almost as much as we love planning, and trust me… We love planning. The simplicity of adventure and freedom are the truest forms of happiness, and we are hooked. We pick a campsite, sometimes reserved ahead of time, but never stressed if it turns out to be something we do not like. We make dinner, have a drink, play with the dog. Sleep, Play, eat sleep; Heaven, and with friends – even better. We explore towns with no purpose other than to see it. We try restaurants that have the longest line or the most “You have to try”s from the locals. We make friends along the way, and grow ever closer to each other.

This website/blog is going to be about the things we love about camping. There are many blogs and websites about camping, gear, sites to pick, local hikes, restaurants, and even the joyousness of camping. We intend to share enough of our knowledge and mistakes in hopes to inspire someone else to have as much fun as we have. We are not full time adventurers, we both work full time jobs, in an office, that we only earn so much leave from. Trust me, my dream is to just explore and get paid to do it, but until that’s a reality, I want to share how we make adventure work with our jobs. I want to share our freedom and love for the outdoors, and if we can get one person or family interested in going on an adventure, then this blog was a success.

So how about it: You ready?


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